busy street with brake lights on on cars

If your brake lights are giving you trouble, it’s something you want to get fixed. It’s a safety hazard, and you might also get a ticket out of it. Why aren’t they working, and what can you do about it? Legendary Automotive & Truck Service in Fort Myers, FL has the answers.

oil change

Once your diesel truck is back on the road, you’ll definitely want to keep it running strong. At Legendary Automotive & Truck Service in Fort Myers, FL, we’ve got you covered.


Transmission slippage can be caused by a variety of factors that are sometimes difficult to pin down. From Legendary Automotive & Truck Service in Fort Myers, FL, here’s a rundown of the more common issues that may cause a transmission to slip. Our highly trained technicians are ready to get you going with a top transmission.

Legendary Automotive is the absolute best shop I have ever used. People throw around “above and beyond,” but these folks are the very definition of above and beyond when it comes to customer service. I picked them off the internet based on some reading and reviews a year ago when I got an older used diesel pickup that needed some TLC. I’m just a random dude off the street. They’ve taken such good care of me on so many different occasions since that first day in the shop. Short notice, by appointment, in emergencies, I can’t say enough. I felt like family from the first time I came in and still do. The owner is always around and their service writers up front are friendly, patient, and kind. I recommend them to everyone who asks.

-Tim B. (5-star Google review)

Fluid being poured into vehicle

The condition of your transmission fluid can tell you a lot about the condition of the transmission itself. At Legendary Automotive & Truck Service in Fort Myers, FL, we want to help you be aware of what to look for and what we look for when servicing your transmission. 

At Legendary Automotive & Truck Service in Fort Myers, FL, we’ve got every answer to your transmission questions and needs, and answers to a lot of things that fall outside of that realm as well. Today, we’re talking about the ABS light - an issue that plagues many modern drivers at some point or another.

phone out and carhood up

If you drive performance or luxury vehicle (Subaru, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Land Rover, etc.) you’re aware that you have a complex and precision-engineered machine. When things start to go wrong, sometimes they go wrong in a hurry. Here are some things to watch out for, from Legendary Automotive & Truck Service in Fort Myers, FL.

oil being poured into car

At Legendary Automotive & Truck Service in Fort Myers, FL, we do our best to keep you on the road. A huge part of being able to do that is proper vehicle maintenance; when was the last time you changed your oil?

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