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Why should I pay for a Pre Purchase Inspection?

Have you ever taken a used car around the block for a 5 or 10 minute test drive, fallen in love with the vehicle (and the price), and made the purchase without a second thought... 

...or without a pre purchase inspection?

If the answer is yes (and we know it is) then you probably ran into some issues that you did not expect - issues that may have been very costly.

Buying a used car, especially from a private dealer, can be risky without taking the necessary steps to protect your financial interests.  These issues can often be avoided with a proper Pre Purchase Inspection.

What is a Pre Purchase Inspection?

People are often curious about what goes into a Pre Purchase Inspection, more commonly just called a PPI.  

Your PPI is going to be an assessment of a vehicle.  While anyone can look under the hood of a used car, check for minor cosmetic damage, and take it out for a test drive, most people are not well qualified to examine all aspects of the vehicle.  

The well qualified person is going to be an ASE certified master technician, and this professional is going to provide you with the information that you need to make an informed decision.  Most of your technicians will be able to review a vehicle for the following potential issues:

  • Damage to the frame
  • Poorly performed maintenance
  • Wear and tear to the different systems of the vehicle
  • Examination of codes associated with electronic diagnostics
  • Damage not reported, such as flood, fire, or engine damage

There is more that your technician can unearth for you - this is just a short list.  

There is good news - pretty much any auto technician professional can run your PPI.  The bad news is that not all shops and services run this pre purchase inspection as thoroughly as another, so not all inspections are created equal. 

Legendary Automotive, your PPI Experts

We said that not all PPI’s are created equal, and it is true.  The most common way to get a PPI completed is for either you to bring the car to a shop, or for a mobile technician to come to where the vehicle is located.

With your typical PPI, the technician will often conduct a visual inspection, write down the results, and then hand them to you.  While there is nothing wrong with this approach, it is not necessarily as complete as it could be.

At Legendary Automotive and Truck Service, our ASE Certified Technicians will go the extra mile for you to make sure that your vehicle not only has a full digital PPI completed, but that the PPI is better for you as the consumer than most traditional pre purchase inspections:

  • Our Inspection is 100% digital - this allows us to know more about the vehicle, and it allows us to capture any codes that were cached electronically on the vehicle to notice potential problems before you purchase the vehicle
  • Another benefit of the digital inspection is that this gets stored electronically.  In short, this means that if you have your smartphone or a computer and an internet connection then we can send you your inspection anywhere in the world
  • Our technicians are going to take pictures and record videos of the vehicle that they will send to you along with the diagnosis - this gives you the opportunity to look at the vehicle the way an ASE certified technician does, and gives you the best possible peace of mind and increases transparency
  • Speaking of our technicians, every one of our techs is ASE Gold Master Certified, and our staff has a combined 70+ years of experience in the automotive industry
  • Unlike a large number of shops, we are able to service all makes, models, and years - this means that your car can be new or old, foreign or domestic, or it can be in any state of repair and we can run the appropriate PPI for you
  • We integrate with Autovitals, which is a gold industry standard in the communication and transmission of automotive diagnostics - this also allows us to create a permanent digital record that you can retrieve any time

As you can see, we have a lot to offer.  While we can do more at Legendary Automotive and Truck Service than any other repair shop in the area, we do so at a competitive price.  

The Financial Benefit of a PPI

The big question that a lot of people ask regarding a PPI is “what is the value to me?”  

This is a question we definitely should answer.  Yes, a PPI will set you back between $100 and $200 anywhere you go, so is it really worth it?

When you consider that many of the standard repairs that may not be caught without a full digital inspection can cost you a large sum of money.  The average repair that most people do not know they will need that will not be caught without a digital PPI runs between $2,000 and $2,500.  

Is the peace of mind of savings of $2,000 worth $200?  It should be obvious - the answer is a resounding YES.

In the end, your PPI grants you knowledge, and the power of knowledge is endless if you can use it to control the outcome of any arrangement. 

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 The power of knowledge with your PPI will potentially save you thousands of dollars, and at the very least will offer you peace of mind.

Come see us at Legendary Automotive when you are looking to buy or sell a used vehicle, and we will do our best to make sure you acquire knowledge that is valuable, worthwhile, and empowering.