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Professional BMW Service in Fort Myers, FL

At Legendary we have technicians trained in BMW repair and maintenance, our passion for excellence aligns with the brand well.

We take great pride in the cleanliness of our facility, second to none. It is a clear reflection of the work that we do. 

Don't trust your BMW to just any shop, we know how it is when you have been looking for “THAT” shop, just look at our many Google reviews and you can see that we care about delivering professional service.

With technology moving forward at its current pace, not every independent facility that services BMW has the tools, training, and technology to deliver what you want.

The one thing you might not love about your BMW is that it is a challenge for most automotive repair shops to perform any work, or even routine maintenance, on your car.  Luckily, this is not the case at Legendary Automotive and Truck Service.

It is the truth - our owner was a proud employee for the BMW PTC American Lemans Racing Team, and he brings his expertise on these vehicles and delivers this knowledge to his ASE Certified Master Technicians.  The result is that our technicians have experience working with BMW’s and other German cars, and they provide the best German car repair service in Southwest Florida at a lower cost than most BMW dealers.

Why you need a specialty BMW Repair Shop

A lot of people wonder why they need to bring a BMW to a specialty shop and cannot just go to any local mechanic.

Technically, you can probably take your BMW to almost any repair shop to get some of the basic services done, but there are some solid reasons to take your luxury vehicle to a specialty repair shop:

  • A shop that specializes in BMW will have technicians with dealer-level experience, an absolute must for higher-end luxury vehicles of any make
  • These shops have specialized software and tools that are necessary for the proper repair and maintenance of these vehicles
  • Those who have the necessary knowledge and experience with BMW’s have connections - they know what parts are needed, where they can get them, and how to get these parts as quickly as possible
  • Along the same lines of “parts”, you can be sure that any repair shop that truly knows the needs of your BMW can get high-quality BMW or OEM parts
  • You know that anyone working on your vehicle has to be, at a minimum, an ASE certified technician - the skills earned with this certification are the bare minimum to understand these vehicles
  • Any shop that has quality service related to the other points in this list will have the reputation and reviews to back up their ability get repair your BMW

Luckily, at Legendary Automotive and Truck Service, we check all the boxes.  All of our technicians are ASE Certified Master level or above, our service writers have the experience to get the right parts you need fast, and our team has a combined total of over 70 years of experience with German vehicles.  You can trust Legendary to offer you the best service at a reasonable price!

More about BMW

If you have a vehicle that you commonly refer to as simply “the 5 series” or “the 8 series”, or if you are the proud owner of an x7 or an x5, then you are an owner of an ever-popular BMW automobile.  You probably love your BMW, also known as a “bimmer” or a “beemer” (more on that later) for its luxury, style, and advanced features.  

A lot of people know that BMW cars are incredibly popular, but many of them are not aware of the beginnings of this brand in the United States, nor are they familiar with the many reasons that these cars are as popular as they are.

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The world-famous BMW brought its first dealership to the United States as a nearly unknown brand in 1975, having already enjoyed almost 60 years of technology-based success in Germany.  The cars, however, did not really catch on in the U.S. until a few years later in 1982 with the E30.

The commercial success of the E30 is what started people to notice BMW for what it was - a producer of sporty luxury sedans with a large number of advanced technological and safety options.  Once this happened, the rest was history, and BMW kept rising in popularity to become the most popular luxury car in the United States.  

Why BMW’s remain Popular Today

Think about your commute - if you are like the majority of Americans, you spend somewhere between one and three hours a day, five days a week, your car.  This means that you have to spend, at best, 5 hours a week in your car, and at worst 15 hours or more.

That being said, if you are going to be a commuter, then you will want to have a vehicle that offers substantial comfort and performance - you don’t want to be in a small, cramped, uncomfortable car for what hours per week!  BMW is known for comfort and performance, and to top this off they are considered to be sleek, stylish, and high-quality cars that are perfect for those that are willing to spend on their car.

Another reason that BMW is popular is that they used some of the best technology available in their vehicles.  Automatic parking (and intelligent parking location solutions),  excellent mileage on most models, advanced safety features, Alexa connectivity for voice activation, all-wheel drive systems, and advanced aerodynamic designs make up just a small fraction of the technology that BMW puts into its cars!

BMW - is it “Bimmer” or “Beemer”?

Many of us have heard the term “Beemer” when someone is referring to a BMW.

This might be correct, but it probably technically isn’t, and many of the biggest fans of BMW will let you know quickly if you are wrong.

Technically, “Beemer” only refers to the BMW brand motorcycles, while “Bimmer” is the technically correct term for the BMW car models.  So, those who call their BMW 328i a “Beemer” would be considered incorrect by those who are the biggest fans of BMW.

Does it matter?  No, probably not… if you say you have a “Beemer” people are going to know that you are a BMW owner, and if you say “Bimmer” people will probably assume that you meant “Beemer” and just let the conversation move along.

Are there issues with BMW?

Sadly, there are specific concerns that BMW owners will likely experience.  The most common concern that is experienced is related to the BMW electrical system.  German engineering in cars relies very heavily on electrical systems, so when you have dozens of specialty and safety features that rely on the electrical system, you will start to experience problems at some point.  This focus on electrical systems is also why you want a technician who specializes in BMW’s.

Like many luxury vehicles, the problems can spiral quickly - it does see that when there is a problem with your BMW, there is going to be another problem right behind it.  Aside from electrical repairs, Bimmers often have to concern themselves with leaks, general wear and tear repairs being expensive, and coolant system issues.  

Once all of the problems have been solved, you can probably get a large number of miles out of your car, but the cost of these repairs can definitely break the bank!

A Legendary Solution for these Legendary Cars

When there is a problem with your BMW, you can trust the ASE Certified Master Technicians for quality repair service.  Whether you need scheduled maintenance, major repairs, or a general diagnostic, we are here for you.  

We are proud to offer the finest quality BMW repair service in Fort Myers and Cape Coral as well as the surrounding areas of Bonita Springs, Estero, Lehigh Acres, Naples, and Punta Gorda. 

Legendary is proud to offer quality BMW service and repairs in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Sanibel, Naples, Punta Gorda, Estero, Bonita Springs, Lehigh Acres, and the surrounding areas.